Boar’s Head Pub

Welcome to the Boar’s Head

A visit to the Boar’s Head Pub brings that song from Cheers “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” a little closer to home.

With a large selection of micro-brewed beers on tap, an enticing traditional English pub menu, and friendly staff to serve you, an hour can easily become an enjoyable afternoon or evening out.

Boar’s Head Menus

Boars Head MenuPub17

Boars Head After 9 MenuAfter9Menu17

Regular Pub Hours

Daily 11 a.m. – 1 a.m.

*Prices and menu options subject to change

**Gluten free options are available


Lunch Buffet Year Round Every Friday 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. $13.95 Plus Taxes 

Entertainment at the Boar's Head

May 12 – Dave Menard

May 13 – Mike Fagan

May 19 – Jason Mercer

May 20 – Steph and Dustin

May 26 – Stacey Zegers

May 27 – Derek Barnes

June 2 – Chad McCoy

June 9 – Brad Canning

June 11 (Sun) – Thorn and Roses

June 16 – Greg Ball

June 23 – Sean Pinchin

June 30 – Yeager

July 7 – David Cavin Frasier

July 9 (Sun) – Thorn and Roses

July 14 – Steph and Dustin

July 21 – Jason Mercer